beamZ PHANTOM750 Pure diode laser RGB Analogue 30kpps

R14 150,00



The Phantom series is an extremely powerful series of lasers that use diode-only laser sources. Due to this the quality of the beam and the projector will be much higher than standard laser modules. The projector has an advanced RGB color linearity for beautiful analogue color modulation. The projector can be controlled over ILDA and has a build-in memory with preset patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX. They can also be operated in automatic and sound-to-light mode. The Beamz Professional laser projectors are provided with switchable scan fail safety, key switch and interlock.

  • Powerful laser projector with guaranteed 600mW diode laser module
  • Analogue RGB color modulation
  • 30K high speed optical scanner system
  • Control mode: ILDA, DMX, master/slave, auto and sound activating mode
  • DMX and ILDA linking
  • LCD Display and control panel
  • X- and Y-Size inverter
  • Built-in microphone
  • Sound sensitivity control
  • Interface:DMX + ILDA
  • Consumption:150W
  • Power Rating Guaranteed:600mW – Max 750mW
  • Laser Class:4
  • Laser Red:150mW @ 637nm
  • Laser Green:100mW @ 520nm
  • Laser Blue:500mW @ 447nm
  • Scanner System:30kpps
  • Max Scan Angle:60 degree
  • DMX Channels:12
  • Power Supply:220-240Vac – 50Hz
  • Dimensions:250 x 235 x 172mm
  • Weight:4.9kg